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 Odin's Forum Cleanup

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PostSubject: Odin's Forum Cleanup   Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:30 pm

Given the incredible number of posts I have on this forum, I was thinking (before I left) I should clean up old and irrelevant posts. If there is something you think is out of date, not responded to, or no longer needed, please tell me so I can delete it.

My original idea was to remove posts that are 2 months old, or 1 month old when no one else has responded to them. Feel free to remove posts of this age without telling me. This also goes for obviously outdated posts, such as my response to the AGED scavenger hunt (now over for nearly a month). If you feel the need to remove other posts, please tell me why. I am not going to tell you how to run your forum but do want to understand your reasoning. If you want to leave all the posts I wrote up here for posterity, tell me and I will leave them alone.

In case you are eying "Bashygate", the nice little fight we had over what's appropriate in guild chat, for removal, let me just state my views one last time. I feel people should know that this guild had an argument that was resolved, but no longer find the individual details important. I was going to suggest replacing those bad memories with a single post explaining the history of DWR, from founding to present, letting that whole issue be represented by a single sentence. Think about and remember it just enough to prevent something similar from happening again, as I intend to. That's just me making a suggestion, it's your guild so do what you feel is best.

Feel free to contribute to any HOD forums I decide to create. Just put a note explaining you are from DWR in your username or signature.
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Odin's Forum Cleanup
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