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 DWR Get-Together

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PostSubject: DWR Get-Together   Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:06 am

I'm thinking of holding an official (what would it be if it were not official?) DWR Get-Together. Here is what I have in mind...

Basically we get as many people as possible to meet in the same town at the same time. DWR and alliance members are encouraged to come if they are able, as well as any friends or guests people want to bring. At first we would stand around chatting and holding various discussions, then break out into doing quests together. The whole idea is that it's a social gathering, a way to get to know more people in the guild and their friends.

Where and when are we going to do this? Well, I need your votes! Use this forum to suggest dates, times and places that work well for you. This is not intended to be a burden on real life, just something to do to strengthen our guild.

Any thoughts? Please share them. I'm listening... study

Here are mine: I figure that we need something that will set us apart from the countless other guilds that are recruiting in nearly every town I visit. Some are champion guilds that attract skilled players with their success, in PvP tournaments or owning towns and such. Some offer financial incentives to their members, either by paying them to join, donate faction, or promising free officer positions. Some are targeted to specific audiences, be it a guild of mothers or Christians or Australians. Many are just ordinary guilds looking for members, with varying degrees of desperation. I want to base our success on a strong community. We can max the hall in due time, but having a strong community will make that both faster and less necessary.
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DWR Get-Together
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