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 GW: Officer--System Requirements/O-Net's Most Nerfed Post

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PostSubject: GW: Officer--System Requirements/O-Net's Most Nerfed Post   Tue Feb 12, 2008 2:24 pm

Now that O-net has released a new Guild Wars campaign, we all should go get it. But first, let's double check that our computers meet the sysytem requirements.

Minimum System Requirements: (good if we are actively needing officers)

Level of Activity: A few hours per week
Level of Commitment to DWR: Moderate
Level of Maturity: High (the last thing we want is somebody making a fool of us and kicking all the members)
Receptiveness to New Ideas: Moderate
Recruiting Ability: Low (must be able to help manage the guild in some way, if not recruiting)
Willingness to Donate to the guild: Low
Personal Wealth/In-game accomplishments: Enough to help other people learn to play Guild Wars. (I could give you gold for invites if needed)
1 moderately reliable Internet Connection

Recommended System Requirements: (good under normal conditions)

Level of Activity: A few hours per day for several days per week
Level of Commitment to DWR: High
Level of Maturity: High
Receptiveness to New Ideas: Reasonably High
Recruiting Ability: Medium-High
Willingness to Donate to the guild: I do it when I can, while making sure my characters have what they deserve.
Personal Wealth/accomplishments: Comfortable spending 100g per invite, has beaten at least one campaign.
1 reliable Internet Connection

Ideal System Requirements: (this is the humor section)

Level of Activity: Constantly on
Level of Commitment to DWR: Lifelong Blood Loyalty
Level of Maturity: Legendary Role-Model
Receptiveness to New Ideas: Willing to think extensively about everything, and implement the best ideas.
Recruiting Ability: Enough that we would need to split the guild repeatedly to avoid the member cap
Willingness to Donate the the Guild: Didn't you see? I maxed the hall and got us House zu Heltzer! Free gifts to members, PM for info.
Personal Wealth/Accomplishments: Maxed
1 Direct Ethernet Connection to A-Net's servers

Note that "Maturity" is referring to your ability to act responsibly, not your age. The minimum age is 13, and that's Arena-net's rule. Not mine.

If you feel qualified for the job, tell us and we can have a nice long debate about your promotion. It's good for the guild chat and the forum. If you have written a bot that can meet the Ideal requirements, stop using it on your account and pm me the code. Computer Science is cool, getting banned is not.

Note that this post has been and will continue to be edited based on what Leader Nikita and the other officers have to say.

I AM O-NET! With that said, good luck and have fun!

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GW: Officer--System Requirements/O-Net's Most Nerfed Post
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