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PostSubject: [AGED] Scavenger Hunt TOPIC LOCKED, SCAVENGER ENDS   Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:52 pm

1) The scavenger hunts is made in team of 2 player no soloing
2) All 4 campaigns are include
3) You have until Sunday 11:59 est time to bring the item to Devilish Zee [AGED] Or Astral Windform [AGED]
4) 1st, 2nd and 3rd team get a prize
5) Theres is nothing that is impossible to get in the list
This page is set up for AGED alliance's scavenger hunt
Winners will be announced no later than Wednesday the following week.
. Points for every item is listed beside the item.
All items will NOT be given back. This is to help with the cost for the prizes. As well... any donations to help with prizes will be greatly appreciated. Top 3 teams will receive prizes
Any sweet or Alcohol (maximum 30) -- 1pt each
mark of Aiden -- 10pt
hammer of kathandrax -- 50pt
preserved red iris flower -- 5pt
bleached shell -- 4 points
frigid heart --5 points
avicara ardent robes --10 pt
beetle egg -- 5pt
intricate grawl necklace -- 5pt
exquisite surmia carving -- 35 pt
massive jawbone -- 5 pt
molten eye -- 3pt
moon shell -- 5pt
mossy mandible -- 5 pt
stormy eye -- 3pt
shriveled eye -- 3pt
mountain troll tusk -- 5pt
bloody heart -- 10 pt
inscribed secret -- 5 pt
Yort the Bronze's Ceremonial family sword -- 10 pt
votive candle -- 4 pt
tapestry shred -- 15 pt
melandru's stalker (it is a pet. You will have to show us in an explorable area) -- 25 pt
althea's ashes -- 10 pt
orrian tablet shard -- 4 pt
guardian moss --10 pt
Truffles --10 pt
unctuous remains -- 10pt
aloe root -- 5 pt
candy cane shard --10 pt
Luxon totem -- 15pt
scribe's supplies -- 5pt
Glob of FROZEN ecto -- 45 pt
letter for jatoro's mom -- 5 pts
kappa trap -- 5 pt
master togo's ultimatum --3 pts
sharp char tooth -- 5 pt
paomu's coin purse -- 3 pt
plague remedy -- 10 pt
message on a dragon scale -- 5pt
stone of the elements --3pts
orrian tome --10 pts
HARDENED moa egg -- 35 pts
ornate box -- 5pt
magical compass -- 10pt
zaishen key --5 pts
whimsical essence --50 pts
hunk of fresh meat -- 10 pts
neersi's wine -- 15pt
sample of mehkuunah plant -- 10pt
Rune of doom -- 3pt
titan gemstone -- 15pt
bison cup 30 pt
"bison" crown -- 70 points
onyx gemstone -- 10 pts
destroyer core -- 5pt
glacial stone -- 10pt
Cromatic Scales -- 5pt
Anton (assassin hero....just have him in your party when you trade) --10pt
dungeon map -- 5pt
All 4 map pieces -- 5pt per map

Goddess Nikita | A/D | LVL 20 | Faction and Nightfall done
Protector of canthan | Canthan Trailblazer (83.1%)
Princess Nikita | E/D | LVL 20 | Faction and Nightfall done
Miss Selekta | W/P | LVL 20 | Faction done
||NyKa|| | Rt/MO | LVL 20 | Faction done | EOTN done | Prophecie Done

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PostSubject: Anyone Wanna Be my Partner?/Giving away victory   Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:28 pm

I have too many of the hard-to-get items (Tapestry Shred anyone?) to NOT participate. I also have no partner.

However, strict time rationing is now under effect. When I am online I need to be getting the most of every minute, and farming Merks of Aidian don't qualify. I am willing to trade you what your group needs if I have it. Just don't lose the shred. Or anything worth at least 100g. Reply to this if you want something.


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