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 Hi, Im Kindras Honor

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Kindras Honor


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PostSubject: Hi, Im Kindras Honor   Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:15 pm

Hello, and thankyou for this Forum, Im Kindra, and pls to meet you all, say hello anytime to me and lets have a good time on GW, I am open to any help to learn more about GW, I truely enjoy GW, where this is my stress relieve and some free time to have some fun, without spending a load outside at the bar Smile.

I have had experience with City Of Heroes for about 2years, and it was fun while it was, however, I felt it just became a grind, and a monthly fee was aching me.

Also, I had played some WoW, andit was so dawnting and grewsomely micromanaged that I hated the overwhelming micromanaging aspect.

Lastly, DDO, Dungeons and Dragons, was a great feeling, but its the monthly fee, I dont want. and seemed too expensive to do anything. like buying healing wands like crazy to heal the group. I was a Cleric. although it was a good experience, So I am willing to play GW and learn thick and thin, and move to the expansions later.

I like the overall aspect of story expansions, without the monthly fee. So in that, I can play the next expansion whenever im ready,

So, I'll catch yall in game, cya.
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PostSubject: Re: Hi, Im Kindras Honor   Sat Feb 23, 2008 12:25 am

Welcome in Kindras. Very Happy

Have fun with Guild Wars. I have not tried other MMORPG's but the "monthly free" policy + watching my friend play got me involved. I'm way too cheap to pay for anything monthly (aside from college tuition and such) and didn't expect to be anywhere near as committed to the game as I am now when I started. I like it, shall we say.

Feel free to explore the game, have fun, relax (as much as it is possible to do while getting attacked, anyway). Also feel free to use the forum, even if it means I have to lose my overwhelming majority of posts. Trust me, that's not a good title to have.

You don't have to be so formal. Goofing off is fine as long as it is reasonable. bounce Basketball albino farao Evil or Very Mad rendeer lol! Then again, it is in a way good that people are taking the guild (and the game) seriously.

[Pats Sable on the back for a good job recruiting]

I shall see you next week, or maybe sometime while catching a break from my 2 research papers that are due Monday and Tuesday. Feel free to ask questions and request help if you need it. We want members to learn the game on their own accord, but we know a lot of things that are fun to share.

Time to go AB while it's still Bonus Weekend. cya around.
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Hi, Im Kindras Honor
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