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 Relationships: How Reality is Stranger than our Imaginations

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PostSubject: Relationships: How Reality is Stranger than our Imaginations   Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:48 pm

Dating a Necromancer? Married an Elementalist (and still trying to get her to dress like one?) Getting pwned in PvP by your own parents or children? Created a guild with the people you met in college? Here is where you discuss these odd coincidences of reality!

I have heard a bit about these kinds of things happening, where real life relationships help make our great game interesting. Rather than post what I hear secondhand, why not let you tell us about it?

I, for once, will not do much talking here. Probably.

OK, here is something I can post secondhand: I once met somebody whose family started their own guild. All 4 members of the family ran it, but had not yet gotten any success expanding it (due to unexplained member loss syndrome, the bane of us officers). Talk about knowing your members...

Time to shut up and let the members of OUR guild get to work.
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Relationships: How Reality is Stranger than our Imaginations
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