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 Culling the Weak and Inactive?

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PostSubject: Culling the Weak and Inactive?   Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:34 pm

What is our policy about inactive members?

How long must somebody be inactive to be kicked from the guild?

How long must somebody be inactive to be kicked from the forum?

If we can have a policy on this, please kick those people who are never looking at the forum (or game) as needed.

NOTE: We will NOT kick anybody who tells us they will not be on for a given time. To ensure that your month-long vacation in the Caribbean (or something less enjoyable) does not get you kicked from DWR, simply tell any officer or make a post on this forum. We will make a note not to kick you. This is to make sure the guild has room for active members rather than being a storehouse for inactive accounts.

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Culling the Weak and Inactive?
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