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 All-Around Monk Support

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PostSubject: All-Around Monk Support   Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:16 pm

NOTE: This build courtesy of the AGED Alliance (I can't remember the original maker, feel free to remind me), not myself.

Profession: Mo/E (Monk, with Glyph of Lesser Energy)

The key: Energy management. The only 10+ energy skill is Protective Spirit, and mass healing is VERY affordable.

11 Healing Prayers
10 Protection Prayers
10 Divine Favor

Your choice Healing or Protection scalp design
Minor runes
Any max Healing/Protection related staff, preferably of enchanting
Factions and Prophesies may be required, Nightfall can be substituted for.

Word of Healing (Elite Healing Prayers)
Signet of Rejuvenation (Healing Prayers)
Reversal of Fortune (Protection Prayers)
Protective Spirit (Protection Prayers)
Dismiss Condition (Protection Prayers) <--Replace with Mend Ailment if you cannot get this Nightfall skill
Remove Hex (no attribute)
Guardian (Protection Prayers)
Glyph of Lesser Energy (Energy Storage) <--Replace with Resurrection skill for PvE, or another energy management skill

BTW all of these skills are useful in PvE, and this build can easily be used for a one-monk party or by heroes. It is not broken or overpowered, just well built for endurance. Keeps Bryden Mayne (expert ABer responsible for solo-nuking the NPC shrines) alive quite nicely, and keeps Ogden Stonehealer (my most often used Monk hero) hard at work in PvE
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All-Around Monk Support
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