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 High Damage Adrenaline Warrior

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PostSubject: High Damage Adrenaline Warrior   Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:23 pm

Profession: W/A (other secondaries can be used in a variation)

Key Benefit: Spamming a high-damage elite combined with frequent adrenaline attacks. Very high DPS plus bleeding, while still using a shield. High endurance means that damage/tanks are possible.

Campaigns: Factions

Max Furious Sword, preferably with Damage +15% (while health is above 50%) modifier and customization.
Max Strength shield

10 Strength
12 Swordsmanship
8 Shadow Arts
Note: I have recently modified the attributes used with this build, this setup is probably better than what I have used in the past.

Adrenaline Generator:
"For Great Justice!" (no attribute)

Adrenal Damage and Pain:
Sever Artery (Swordsmanship) <--remove if fighting non-fleshy creatures frequently, such as in the Celestial mission
Sun and Moon Strike (Swordsmanship)
Dragon Slash (Elite Swordsmanship, can be found at Boreas Seabed) (Yes I expect you to get skills from Luxons)

Non-Adrenal Damage and Pain:
Jaizhenju Strike (Strength) (same as Pure Strike from Prophesies)

Shadow Refuge (Shadow Arts)

Extra: (pick 2)
Resurrection Signet
Death's Charge (Shadow Arts) <---good for getting past Wards and Crippled
"I am the Strongest!" (EoTN Norn Title Track) <---Even more DPS
Way of the Fox (Shadow Arts) <---against blockers like many Rangers
Gash (Swordsmanship) <---Does not get used as often as it recharges
Berserker Stance (Strength) <---useful for adrenaline gain but tends to end prematurely when Dragon Slash is available

Note that most of these extras are energy skills, so be careful.

1) Replace Shadow Arts with Tactics, allowing for Healing Signet and the ever-useful "Watch Yourself!", a different secondary profession, plus an array of extras
2) Add Flurry and trade Jaizhenju for another energy damage attack. Needs Prophesies though.
3) Convince a Paragon to put Enduring Harmony on you, to lengthen "For Great Justice!"
4) Use the tactics variation and add Monk condition/hex removal, or the Ranger skill Antidote Signet.

1) Blocking, Blind, missing, Empathy, etc. I have tried to compensate for blockers here, with limited success.
2) Anti-adrenaline skills and effects
3) Not having ally buffs such as "Watch Yourself," unless you use the Tactics variation
4) Half the time Great Justice is recharging and no longer able to be used. However, your 100 armor and self heals means you will be alive when it recharges, sometimes even if the party isn't.

Playing this build:
--Use "For Great Justice", and Death's Charge if you have it, when about to attack enemies. Also true for other buffs and stances. 20 energy is good for 3 buffs and an attack skill, feel free to use it now.
--Use Jaizhenju Strike whenever you have enough energy but not enough adrenaline
--Use Sever Artery on as many different enemies as you can while building adrenaline
--Use Dragon Slash every time you can, unless you expect to be blocked. This means using it with every attack.
--Use Sun and Moon whenever Dragon Slash is not available or against blockers
--Heal yourself when necessary.

--Please feel free to improve this build. I have been working on it since Dragon Slash became my first ever elite, and it's still not done. As long as the adrenaline keeps flowing and the monks keep removing conditions and hexes, you are a tank with a very large cannon.
--This build can also be used in PvP, this is unproven outside of Alliance Battles
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High Damage Adrenaline Warrior
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