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 Odin's Sabbatical

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PostSubject: Odin's Sabbatical   Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:04 am

I hereby resign my post as officer, as promised. The issues I left outstanding as officer (namely, the drug issue) have been successfully resolved, and it's time I take a vacation.

I find that I have gone ahead and done too much, where I got frustrated with recruiting and people's unresponsiveness. The time has come for me to think about other things for awhile, and to get rid of my frustration. Now everyone else has the chance to lead, as they should as officers.

If and when you want me back in office, let me know. I will probably not take more than a week or two to recharge and de-stress, and I am hoping that should I regain my status I will have the vigor to use it as before. Feel free to ask for advice, and I will continue to post less serious items on the forum. If you feel I should remain moderator here I will try to clean up the forum posts occasionally--they get rather disorganized. I am not resigning to protest anything that went on, but to get over it faster.

This demotion business is simply a self-reminder that I need to chill out and relax. If I were to remain in power I would worry too much about things and not get the rest I need. I may be back in the future, but by then I will not have the power to promote and the decision will be yours to make again. Heh, even in resignation I advocate my own let-other-people-vote policy Very Happy

I hope that I have left a good legacy here, despite the recent turmoil, and that our leadership will continue to improve the guild. Hopefully you will be able to use the Guildwiki page to get new members hooked on DWR, and feel free to edit it to reflect our ever changing policies.

I have learned a lot about leadership in the past 2 months. Frankly, this guild has been one big proving ground for my various ideas and theories, and that is already helping me in real life. Hope you didn't mind Wink. May we all continue to learn as I have.
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Odin's Sabbatical
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