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 Recruiter officer, 2 new post...

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PostSubject: Recruiter officer, 2 new post...   Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:34 am

Ok, so since we lost 2 good officer, im opening 2 new post again...
Recruiter officer has to
- Recruit at least 1 new person per week
- Be active
- Loyal
- Mature
In your request tell us who you are, what you like and dislike in the guild and why do you think you can help us.
Feel free to ask question, and post your request by making a new topic afro

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PostSubject: Re: Recruiter officer, 2 new post...   Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:01 pm

Chill Nikita, I'm not gone for good. I'm more or less taking a vacation for a week or two, then if you want I could help out again in some regard.

I found as an officer that pretty much any leader should be in a constant cycle of lead-and-assess. I spent too much time leading and not enough time assessing, so that's what I'm currently fixing. Resigning is my way of telling myself to chill out. I gotta figure out when I can afford to spend time doing things here and when I'm better off sleeping, figure out what direction we are going in and what needs to be done, that sort of thing.

Perhaps it would help if you defined the roles and expectations of officers/members/leader more clearly. We don't want to have the frustrations of one person taking too much responsibility, or officers ignoring the responsibilities they accepted. I know I would find this encouraging.

In the meantime, good luck. I want to see another period of growth, like we had from when Nikita started recruiting to when half our officers got sick. The way I figure it, we may very well need a third new officer by the time I want to come back, so between that and my resignation don't bother saving me a slot.

I still take an interest in what is going on here, so feel free to ask me questions (especially new officers).
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Recruiter officer, 2 new post...
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