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 So ya, saw Superhero Movie for free (Yay Movie Passes) and my review inside.

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PostSubject: So ya, saw Superhero Movie for free (Yay Movie Passes) and my review inside.   Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:24 pm


"Oh Joy..." I said as the MGM Lion gave it's last roar.

The movie was going to begin...

I knew I wasn't going to like what I was going to see, but it had Leslie Nielson....

And Mr.Nielson's career hasn't been...very good as of late, but maybe this was his chance to make amends for his terrible career choices!

The movie starts off just like Spider-Man 1, teen guy likes teen girl and the guy is raised by his Aunt and Uncle. That's when it tries to be funny, and nearly every single joke manages to be miles away from hilarity.

My jaw dropped at the stupidity, but the stupidity wasn't the worst of it though...the laughing from the crowd was. Everyone was in tears laughing at what was inevitably...nothing!

I'm not joking either, you could entertain all of those people in the theatre by giving them a rock and then telling them to "RUB IT AGAINST ANOTHER ROCK! IT LOOKS LIKE SEX! LOLOL!" But rocks having sex isn't part of the movie (although it certainly could be, I wouldn't put it past them).

There were only 3 actually humourous parts of the movie that had me crack a grin. All 3, coincidentally, are in the preview. The funniest by far was with Leslie Nielsen, when he was nail shooting everything in sight to fix the house. Trust me, just search "Superhero Movie" on Youtube and you'll find what I'm talking about.

Back to the movie, it continues stealing every part from Spider-Man but for some reason decides to put random parts into it like Batman Begins, Ipods (LOL!!!!!!), Fantastic 4(PAMELA ANDERSON!!! YAY!!!) etc.! They even throw in X-Men into it with no justifiable reason why, the X-Men team is made up of Barry Bonds and a whole lotta black people (ROFL!!!) and it just becomes a clattered mess! Just like Epic Movie which mutilated all of the main characters in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory parody and then they all were just fine and dandy in the next scene. IT'S BOLSHEVIK FOR FILM-MAKING!

I'm glad I didn't pay to get into this. But everyone in that theatre did pay...and enjoyed it... I know I'm probably not going to stop people from seeing this God-awful piece of feces, but I just want you to know what you're getting into. I really, really, REALLY recommend not seeing this...

Half a stomach ulcer outta 9.
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So ya, saw Superhero Movie for free (Yay Movie Passes) and my review inside.
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